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Ducati to undergo surgery

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As many of you know, some lady rear ended me while I was riding my Ducati Monster 900. I got the insurance check yesterday, and made my way to the dealer.

The mufflers were slightly scratched and dented, but who cares...they still work. Brake pedal was scratched...who cares. I ended up ordering $80 worth of plastic that was broken or cracked, and spending the rest of the money ($800 worth) on some fine performance upgrades.

I bought some Spegler stainless steel braided brake and clutch lines (in red of course!), Racetech fork springs, and some new Pirelli Diablo tires.

Those upgrades combined with my flat slide racing carbs, Dyna coils, Ohlins rear shock, and 41 tooth rear sprocket should make the bike a hoot to ride.

Hopefully the parts will be in soon, and the shop will get everything bolted on. Can't wait to ride 'er again!!

To quote Kathy on the way back home after a ride, "You're bike sounds beefy". :)
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Getter Done

Track Ready ittl be!
Yep...that's the plan. Except it probably won't do more than 120 on the top end. I'll be fast in the corners though!
Whooo Hoooo! My parts arrived and most have been bolted on already. All that is left is to install the fork springs and spoon on the tires. Looks like she'll be road ready next week!! :clap

If weather permits, I'll be riding 'er on the Polar Bear ride. Catch me if you can!! :redflip
Humm...I get your point, but you can't spell the glorious sound a Ducati makes, especially since I put on the racing carbs and you can actually hear them gulping air...

something like...


then heads for the corner... pinnnnnnnnnnnnggggg brrrrraaaaammmmmm pinnnnngggg..

:eek :D
All this motorcycle sounds makes me want to go start mine up and listen to her run.
Them ducati's with a good set of pipes on em gives me serious wood. Nothing sounds like a duck with pipes on power.
have you given it the stage 2 treatment on the airbox? I still have a set of red Ducati corse racing coils and a set of superbike brake levers with master cylinders and the assembly for the clutch. Also the clutch slave cylinder to reduce lever effect. You know a full set of 888 SPO fairings bolts right up to that frame? I have access to a set.....
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