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dude i think someone stole my gps from my house!

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my mom had some workers come in to fix the furnace to her buisness above my apt, and the furnace is in my house.. anyways my gps is missing... i cant find it and im lookin all over for it, maybe the workers mistakenly picked it up by accident.... or jacked it... tact will you investigate?
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These workers didn't happen to be STR, did they? :laughing
maybe its in your ARSE!!!!
GixxerPete said:
These workers didn't happen to be STR, did they? :laughing
nah.. STR is undacova.
swooped in in the dead of night.
made it look like it was someone else. :redflip
damn STR!!!!!
damn, bummer!

guess they will know where they are going;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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