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Eastside workers lunch this thursday!!!!

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It's been AWHILE so throw out the ideas for somewhere decent in Redmond... I've kinda been itchin for some thai ginger lately. Same as always 11:30 on Thursday (now that the holldiays are over) :D
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dont try to steal my thread!! ill start it up later in the year when we can ride to it besides no one looks in the rides section anymore.... u will have to post it in a regular forum till the season starts again.
Just because it's not ideal riding weather doesn't mean we can't go. How about you just don't show up and the rest of us will finally be able to have a good time? :redflip
i am in, its been forever since i made it to a lunch
:redflip knowin james he has forggotten about this already
so thai ginger tomorrow at 11:30 then?
wingzerothree said:
:redflip knowin james he has forggotten about this already
Forgotten about what? Oh... yeah. I did actually :( But good reminder, I'm there!
WA//M said:
which thai ginger?
Redmond town center foo!!!
It was good!
ya it was

next time im trying the emerald curry :)
i have no idea why everyone assumed i would be attending an unofficially sanctioned eastsiders lunch! but i guess since you guys wanna do it so bad i should start em up again!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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