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Hey guys and gals.

I have an 03 R6 (black) and really want to remove the red flame stickers that are on the upper and lower fairings. I have tried using a heat gun to remove them, but it only seams to do 1/2 the job. Sometimes it'll peal the sticker ok, other times it peals leaving the glue behind, and other times it even takes the black paint from the fairing with it.

Is there some magic chemical I can use, or perhaps and easier way to peal them?

Thanks for any help.

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I was going to suggest a hair dryer, or if you know what your doing use a heat gun.

If you use the heat gun you must be very careful. Sound like your getting a single spot too hot when the glue wouldn't come off and you added more heat then the black paint comes off with it from over doing it.

Try using a hair dryer, you will have less of a chance to mess something up.

Also take your time, no need to hurry if you want a good clean job. Peel and heat and peel and heat some more. If you leave the glue behind don't sweat it :thumb

Get the sticker off with doing as little damage to the paint as possible, whatever glue is left behind simply got to Wal-mart or some parts store and look or ask for some bumper sticker remover, or some stuff called Goo Gone.

Again take your time, you got all winter to get that sticker off


Good luck


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sticker removal

Goo gone is not the answer for a clean sticker removal. I run a vinyl graphics shop and we install and remove decals almost everyday. We use a concentrated citrus spray. Spray it on let sit for 1 minute then wipe it off. EZ. The decal must be removed first to expose the glue residue. If you are good, you can remove the decal with moderate heat and leave almost to glue behind but, some stickers do not come off that easy :-(

Go to a local vinyl or sign shop and ask to see if you can purchase a bottle of "Glue Off" from them. Or if you need it, PM me and I will see about shipping you a bottle.

Good Luck
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