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Easy way to remove Stickers?

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Hey guys and gals.

I have an 03 R6 (black) and really want to remove the red flame stickers that are on the upper and lower fairings. I have tried using a heat gun to remove them, but it only seams to do 1/2 the job. Sometimes it'll peal the sticker ok, other times it peals leaving the glue behind, and other times it even takes the black paint from the fairing with it.

Is there some magic chemical I can use, or perhaps and easier way to peal them?

Thanks for any help.
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When i removed the stickers from my fairings when I was doing repair on them I just sat infront of the tv and watched a show and pilled em off with my thumbnail, then what recent was left I used this googone or i cant really tell you the name, but it should be at your local hardware store...big car rental places use it...and it should get the glue off right away! Ill check the name tomorrow, its very cheap!
The flames on the lowers are clear coated, so you'll have to strip the clear coat off, remove the stickers, re-paint the lower fairing and then re clear it. To much work. The mids should just come off with the heat gun then remove the sticky residue with goo gone.

~ Tyler
What he said.
WD40 ;) and a hair dryer :)
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