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I just got a new bike, well new to me and have been replacing all the fluids. The only thing left to do is change the coolant.

Now I know how to change it just not sure what to use. Is any old anti-freeze ok or should I fork out the cash for Honda coolant (if they make it)

The bike is 99.5% street use so I don't think I'll be using water wetter or anything lie that.


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, any coolant is NOT good.. It has to be motorcycle friendly. Many of the parts in a motorcycle engine are made of aluminum and a standard coolant will eat your internals up like breakfast.

Here is a wonderful link that will help you pick the correct coolant and help you change it out if you have questions..

"Make sure that you get antifreeze that is silicate and phosphate free. A couple of examples of these are the Hondaline coolant...Texaco/Havoline extended life coolant, Prestone extended life, and GM Dex-Cool. The engine and water pump on the F6C are made of aluminum ...silicates and phosphates in the coolant will promote corrosion in aluminum and cause premature pump failure. Don't mess around with the cheaper stuff or you'll be replacing a water pump."

I used Prestone extended life, which I purchased at wal-mart for $6.xx and a gallon of distilled water and I even went as far as adding some water wetter..

Enjoy the link..
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