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Evan got his ass kicked

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So as most of you know. I work undercover for several companies as a Loss Prevention Agent. Simply put, I act as a customer and catch someone shoplifting then I arrest/prosecute them.
MOST fo the time things go off with out a hitch. Today was not one of those days. I watch the subject(A white male mid 20's) grab an Xbox game and walk to a corner of the store where he cuts it open with a box cutter and removes the game from it's case. He then tucks the disk into his waist line.
This is the norm, I deal with this scenario ever day. As usual, I follow him outside and identify myself as LP I ask him to face the wall and put his hands behind his head. Well, he starts to do as I say and all is well. That's until home boy drops his right hand. Part of me thought he was trying to dump the disk, then I remembered he still had the box cutter on him. I grab his arm and shove him against the wall as I was trained. I had the upper hand at this point but I didn't want to cuff him until I was 100% sure I could contain both arms.
At this point the suspect tries to kick back at me with his left leg. I just back to avoid the kick but in doing so, I lost my leverage on him. He spun around and got a good right hook into my ear:mad. OUCH! I was dizzy but still "fighting" the guy. I'm not sure how but at one point were were almost hugging trying to get hits off at each other. I pulled out my baton(It's like 16", small" and tapped him on the back of his leg.
That was enough to confuse him because he directed all his focus on that. I hooked his arm with the baton and dropped him to the ground and just knelt on him. I was pissed off so I had my baton against the back of his head with my knee on top of that. It was a cold day so my ear hurt like all hell for hours. I'm fine now and that ass holes off in jail for SL and assaulting an Agent.
All that over a damn 42.99 Xbox game.
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Did you kick him a couple of times when he was down? I would've. That is the best part of a fight, getting someone down and stomping him to paste!
Speed_Addiction said:
Did you kick him a couple of times when he was down? I would've. That is the best part of a fight, getting someone down and stomping him to paste!
No this was at a Tower Records. They have the toughest rules ever. The suspect had a nice big welt/bruise/mound coming out of the back of his neck though. That made me feel better. I could've'e sworn I was bleeding from my ear because of how cold it was. But no, I'm just fine. Not even a bruise. The guy was 23.:rolleyes He turned a misdemeanor into a felony by resisting arrest and assaulting an Agent.
A $42.99 game? Dumbfuck wasn't even trying to nab one of the new ($49.99) games? He deserves to be in jail.
Do you work for a company that contracts LP agents out or for a specific store? I do LP work for Best Buy, but its boring as hell because we don't really have much to work with if we catch a shoplifter. I love the concept though and I would like to move onto LP for a store that actually empowers them to stop shoplifters. How long have you been doing that? Do you think a year of LP for best buy would be enough to get me into a real LP job?

Sorry if i hijacked your thread, I am just curious...
EvanInMD said:
....:rolleyes He turned a misdemeanor into a felony by resisting arrest and assaulting an Agent.

:loser :shake
:clap :clap my hero...:laughing

Sorry to hear you got a lil banged up, but glad to hear you got that jerk in the end. Those people better be nice to my Ev or else...I will drive up there and kick their butts...:laughing
can we call you Lucas?:D

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Reminds me when I worked at Target during my college days. One day, the LP guys come and gather about 3-4 of us bigger guys. We follow this guy outside, he was about 6'2, 240 lbs... and when confronted decided to run.

Well needless to say, the six of us ended up jumping on him and taking him to the ground. Even after being cuffed, he was not a happy guy.

But beats the shit out of having the LP get whooped in the lot by a guy and his friend... which is another story entirely.
When I worked at Kragen we had a guy stealing stuff and he went out of camera view to open it all but we could hear him being not many people were in the store and I could see him through the oil racks
Well according to Kragen policy we can't do anything really so my boss who was 6'6" 300lbs just stood at the door and refused to let the guy leave until the police came

Your job sounds cool though
How'd you get into it?

Peace Out
I wouldn't say you got your ass kicked, you just took a stinger to the ear when it was cold outside. The cold makes it a ton worse.

What a dumbfuck. I would have kicked the shit out of him, before he was cuffed saying he was still struggling and fighting.

You did fine. Nothing to be upset about. :thumb
Bret I work for a private company that is contracted by specific company's to do in depth LP work. I work as an Undercover agent and internal investigations. I got the job as a walk in at Tower Records one day I applied for LP later that day in the same city I applied for an LP job at Nordstroms. I later come to find out that MTS(My company) does LP for both. I was hired as an undercover agent due to my age and ability to fit in as a shopper.(18.) From then on I moved up to positions where I was needed. Now I'm Lead Agent at several stores. And Investigator at others. Best Buy is known for being a boring LP job:( Sorry man. I couldn't watch CCTV for hours on end. I love being on the floor, often times RIGHT NEXT to the shoplifter as he/she's boosting the item(s.) You get this little high knowing that you're about to make this person cry:laughing 1 Year in LP is good experience for a lateral transition but a lot of companies won't hire you as an LP from the get go. WALMART for example makes a lot of it's "TO BE LP" guys work at the door checking receipts and guarding against runners. My company offers me A LOT of freedom as long as I don't break the law.;) Often times it gets to the point where the laws change from liability for the company to be "defending" myself against an attacker.

Kat: Thanks Love! Saving the world one day at a time.

H2o: It was a new game but Tower offers really good prices on all Ps2/X-box/Gamecube stuff. IIRC, most of it's at like a $1.00 profit or something silly. The OM refers to that whole section as the "favor" corner. As they're doing the public a favor by offering games.

Maah: See above paragraph about how I got the job. 3 weeks of training 1 solid week of "laws" and then 3 short days of personal protection.:shake
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Going after a S.L. single handedly is kind of dumb in my opinion. What happens if the guy pulls a gun or a knife? Are you willing to die or be seriously injured for a 43 dollar item? Let alone the legal problems that could pop up if he/she claims exessive force. Traveling in two's makes more sense to me. Extra backup and an extra witness is always a good thing to have around when confronting someone. Also, the more people there the less likely the person will try something rash because their chances of getting away decreases dramatically.

Just my .02 anyway.:D
You deserve a whole pan of breadsticks for that performance Mister Evan! :D
After you got him down, it would have been best to grab a clump of his hair and then in rapid violent succession bash his fucking head into the ground until he passed out, or better yet, died. One less piece of shit to deal with, oh well......there's always next time:crackup
See, video games really do cause violence once again :laughing

Was it Halo? I can see fighting for that.... :D
I'd say that you didn't get your ass kicked, everyone takes a few blows in a fight but you came out as the victor, good job man, I hate thieves.
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