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Last night (Monday Aug. 21) I had my first chance to ride on the track in San Antonio, Kart Runco.

Lets start of by saying that this kart track is similar to the setup at Iron Rock, Tire barriers in the parking lot.

However this track is a lot bigger than Iron Rock, I would say it is right at a 1 mile track maybe over a little bit. The longest straight is close to 800ft in my guesstimation. And the track runs clock wise get ready to make a few more rights.

I ran my super proddy out there and I ran a 8/72 which seem to work quite well. I was pulling a 1:18 for lap times. I did get a change to test out the barriers, a lowside on a quick right hander. The barriers are not quite as forgiving as Iron Rock I stopped in about a 1ft as opposed to about 4ft at Iron Rock.

There is area on the track to pull off if you have a problem getting out of the racing line without trying to get over the barriers. I am looking forward to the race on Sept. 24 there, high speed and hard braking. The owner is a nice guy and looking forward to having us race out there.
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