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First ride of the New Year

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Anyone down for a little seat time Thursday? It's looking pretty good weatherwise. :hail :sun
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oooooooh oooooooh, me me me. Pick me!

Nice avatar dude!:redflip
Nice avatar! :lol

I would be there with you boss, but I am still yee w/o a bikee :(

How is that *cough* coming along, 'eh? I still need to lie for ya'?! :lol
ripTOOL said:Nice avatar dude!:redflip
I agree!:D
Forgot i can't ride. The TLR is in pieces.:(
So is mine, ill have it together tomorrow. Where you all going?
TLstreak said:
Where you all going?
Crazy...why, you wanna' go with? :laughing
Ive been crazy already whats the next step in this program:laughing
Well, let's see...INSANE was taken care of with the completion of what is the next stop Brent-ster?! :laughing
I will ride tomorrow! The antibiotics have purified me. Yall wanna do something over in these parts? Roads are great and havent seen snow or snow control (salt, dirt) in 2 weeks. Still some snow on the ground up around Beech Mtn though. Maybe a Hot Springs Loop, Franklin Loop (the NEW road!!!). Let me know when and where.
I will likely ride Sat or Sun also weather permitting.
Boomer said:
Well, let's see...INSANE was taken care of with the completion of what is the next stop Brent-ster?! :laughing

Get your own thread biotch. Yes I'm still ill *cough* but no you covered for me sufficiently, thank you.

I didn't have any route in mind, just a wakeup from the party and ride kinda idea. Scott where do you live?
You all want to meet up on 181? Brent I pm'd Scott'b already and he is game too. I figured you were still under the weather and ddnt want to tempt you:laughing
Me and a buddy are going up 18 to 181 tomorrow afternoon. We'll be on a 954 and a Duc Monster.
well hell we all need to hammer down some times for a meet up!
im out for awhile, I have to find some led's or replacement bulbs for my bike so I can get it put back together and get my chain tightened and lubed for tomorrow. will be my first ride in over a month:eek I cant beleave the month went this fast!
I'll be watching the board for when/where you guys post but I won't know a for sure "when" until late this evening.
I might be down with a ride... I'm planning to pick up my GSXR tomorrow but if that doesn't go well (and NOTHING about it has so far) I'll be itching to take the lil' CBR out. Leathers are off for repair though so I'll be riding nice and low-key.
Yep, I'm in for tomorrow. The roads in the higher elevations might still be a little rough, but definately ridable!

If you guys want, we can meet at 181, ride it a couple of times and then I can bring you around Lake James into Marion, then down into Lake Lure. All good roads, and I just checked them Sunday, they're pretty clean.
Who wants to pick up my helmet from Scott for me? :toothy
I am in so yall just let me know what time to meet. Scottb I guess I can meet at your place what time??? TL ya wanna meet me on the way?? I will check the thread later as I have some work to do from home as I got a cycle fatality claim off NC 28 today.:(
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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