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for all u white aspiring rap artists

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almost as bad as the icey hot stuntaz
gixxergladiator said:
almost as bad as the icey hot stuntaz
I cannot put into words words how stupid they are. :confused
It appears to be a joke; in the "Haterz" section some of the replies are in proper english. Unfortunately for the kids it does not appear people are taking this as a joke and they may find themselves in the middle of ass kicking over nothing.
I feel utterly stupid, because I clicked the link...I'd like to have my money back now, Bob! :laughing
well that's 30 seconds of my life i can't get back. thanks bud.
are those guys for real yo. Or is that halloween?????????????:crackup :crackup :crackup :crackup :crackup :crackup
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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