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For anyone attending the NESBA/CMP event

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in November:

Most of you guys don't know me, I am the guy that painted bboommeerrss VFR. If you are attending the CMP event, do yourself a favor, OK???

Sign up for the entire day!!! The first 2 sessions (where "intro" guys ride for free) are simply parade laps, at not even 40%-50% pace. You won't really have a chance to learn the track or the lines, to test your equipment or skills, and you WILL be kicking yourself for not signing up for the full day!!!!

By the 3rd or 4th session, the pace picks way up, and then you can actually have some fun!!!! Trust me here, if you are stuck in the pits WATCHING everyone ride later in the day, it is quite simply put, DEPRESSING!!!!!

This is my 4th TD with NESBA (2nd one at CMP) and I AM AN ADDICT!!!!!:D Call me if you guys have any questions, or want to learn more about the format, what to bring, what to expect, etc etc. (704)575-3463 I live in south Charlotte, near the Stonecrest/Ballantyne area if you want to hook up/ride (locally)this weekend

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Oh, and BTW

If you've never done a trackday before, what you previously considered "riding fast on the street with buddies" will actually seem quite tame and slow!!!:p


I am wanting to do the whole day as well, but I need to know what to bring and I can't afford to go buy everything in the world - what can I get by with...:confused

as for bike prep, it's minimal. Pull the fuses for your tail/brake light, headlight, and turn signals. Tape over all the lenses, I like the blue "easy release" tape that painters use (you can get it at Home Depot). Make sure you top off your gas tank, and bring a few gallons of extra gas (unless you are only doing the first two intro sessions). I am assuming your brake pads and fluid levels are all fine, and that your tires are in pretty good shape. You don't need brand new tires, all NESBA asks is that the tires be in good shape, don't bring any squared off 3000 mile tires...... and for that matter, if it's your first trackday, there's no sense in blowing the bank on "race rubber", especially if you are only doing the intro sessions!!! Just run your regular BT010 or D207zr street rubber, that will be fine for your first time on the track.

Hummm, what else.......

Bring all your gear of course, boots, gloves, leathers. Earplugs are a great idea. I ride with them on the street, they REALLY cut the noise down and allow you to concentrate on the track (again, Home Depot has 'em). Bring a tire pressure gauge, set your tires at about 30-33 psi front and back and put a little more slack in your chain than you would normally have (again, this only applies if you are doing the entire day). You do not need to cart a bunch of tools down to the track. Make sure you have the bike's oil level set properly, and it never hurts to go over everything to make sure all the nuts and bolts are secure. Take off your mirrors, btw. Plenty of snacks and drinks are suggested, CMP is miles from much of anything, and you do not want to have to leave during the middle of the day for food or anything. Normally, shade and sunscreen is suggested (especially for the back of your neck!), but it'll be November, so that shouldn't matter. A folding chair or something to sit in is nice, and something (Plexus/Hondapolish) to clean your faceshield is a good idea.
Also, I usually throw a couple small (12" x 12")pieces of plywood in the back, there's a lot of sand at CMP, so when loading/unloading your bike at the begining of the day, it helps to have something to put your kickstand on (you leave the bikes on pit-out all day at CMP, in an effort to keep sand off the track). That is, when you get there and go to tech first thing in the AM, you will leave your bike in the pit out section all day, not in the pit area where the carsd are parked. No need to bring front and rear stands if your bike has a kickstand. You'll only look like a dork if you do that...!:laughing

Other than that, you are pretty much set! You'll have buterflies in your stomach AT FIRST, but if you do the entire day, by the 3rd or 4th session you will be having a blast!!!!!

Trust me, the only thing you will regret is not doing a trackday sooner.....!!!!!!!:p

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I'm gettin' excited about it! Did you take your ZRX down there?? I might not feel so dorky taking my ZX11 down.
yup, ZRX

you'll see all kinds of bikes, everything from ZRX's to Busa's, R6's and 250cc 2 strokes........It doesn't matter what you ride, just that you are there and having a good time!

Besides, it's a true "all arounder". I have logged 800+ mile days on it when I did NC to Cananda and back (3000 miles in 6 days) and just a month ago did a SW USA trip on it too (AZ/CO/NM/UT/ NV). I've done trackdays on it. I ride it to work. Adjusting valves takes all of an hour. Insurance is nothing $-wise. And it's comy as can be, too boot!!!!

But the best part about it??? Passing R1's and GSXR's on the track, on a bike they think was built in the 80's:p

:bigcool Oh yeah! Go team green!
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