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I am offering a great deal on my "like new" HJC one piece red & white race suit (see attached pics), seldom used (I've outgrown it ;-) ), and matching slightly worn boots. Size 44 (EuroSize 54), Boots size US 9 (Eurosize 43).

Like new the suit has no scrapes, tears, cuts or other type significant wear marks.

I am asking $650, and you cover the shipping costs. Compare with new at over $1300.

The suits too tight for me, and my wife is having trouble with me buying a new one as long as this one remains in a closet - let's both get what we want, don't pass up this great deal!

Contact me for the particulars via this board re: arranging for payment, shipping/pickup or delivery.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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