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I was all for moving the Grandstands to its own spot, but when I use the "forum jump" (often), there are now two titles of "General Chat" really close together. The new main "General Chat" and the old "Sportbikes" "General Chat". Does anybody else find this a little confusing, or is it just me :confused

Can we get one of them renamed? I don't care what to, or which one, but they are so close together in the forum list it's just buggin' me :shrug
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I use my user cp....all the forums I go to are listed there...:shrug
Theres only ONE 'The Grandstands' under General Chat.. I dont see whats so confusing about it :confused
There's TWO General Chats. That's whats confusing :shrug
OH, I see it, this area here is listed as General Chat and if you go to where the Grandstands used to be where the Pit Area still is, that's General Chat too. So we have two General Chat Areas, That's the Confusion.
User CP! :)
Yeah but theres still only One Grandstands.. :laughing
JEWELZ007 said:
Yeah but theres still only One Grandstands.. :laughing
Imagine More Than One, That's Scary! :laughing

This whole thing is just a category listing duplication, kinda minor and most like done inadvertantly. ;)
CP or in through the main forum list... never use the forum jump :shrug
I didn't say it was a big deal, just a little nit pick. And no, it doesn't affect you if you don't use the "forum jump". I do. And I'm apparently easily confused :laughing
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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