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garage sale -take offs-

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Time to clean out the garage again. I have many sets of Pirelli/Metzler race take off D.O.T's. 120/180 and 1, 160. Most are blue front, green rear. Might have a set or two good for track days but most would be great for street, stunting and drag racing. Normally I sell them for $75 a set but since it the end of the year and the season for blow out inventory reduction sales etc.. I'll join the fun too. $65 a set!
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Can deliver at Kim's tonight if anyone is interested.
Don't worry B, I'll take a set before long. My tires are beyond bald. I'd take a set now but I'm trying to pay for some of my christmas presents still.
BC61 ya got a set that will work for part or all of a track day? I am getting a set from Naked1 soon but might also buy a set of yours and take them down to Fla for my buddies with whom I am doing a track day down there. I need evenly worn one's though or one's that have the better tread on the left side. 120/180 set is what I am looking for by the way
Do you have a set good for a track day? 120/160 is what I need.

I'd also take a set that would be good for one track day if you have one. :thumb 120/180 is what I would need. Shoot me a PM or reply here and let me know!
I'll double check what I have and see what's good for track days.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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