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Taken from SBN that I made...

Well let's see...

I personally would go with 2 piece, if only for the ease and practicality... But from a safety standpoint, the 1 piece suits are better.

You might as well buy one with knee slider provisions, most of them have them save maybe like Vansons street pants and mine.

The higher quality ones.

Dainese -
Vanson -
Spyke -
Z Leathers -
Kushitani -
Tiger Angel -

The mid to high

Spidi -
Syed -
Teknic -
First Gear(Hein Gericke) -
Belstaff -
Alpinestars -
Joe Rocket -
Hein Gericke -
ixs -
Taichi -
Prexport -
Held -

Low to Mid

Fieldsheer -

I think that covers them, alot of these I don't really know much about though. It's all personal preference.

Here's a good resource... That I just found looking for all the above sites....

Can someone sticky this? There are more located at the above link.
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