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Gruene Hall 12/28

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Ladies and Gents,

If the weather cooperates I'm giving serious consideration to heading to Gruene Hall on Sunday afternoon. Music usually starts about 2 pm or so. No cover. Several good routes from Austin and San Antonio. Would be a good chance to meet up with the SA crew if they come up. Anyone interested ?
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The weather is suppose to be very uncooperative this weekend. I would love to go, what kind of music?
I'd love too, except I have to work:mad have fun though
21 natas said:
I'd love too, except I have to work:mad have fun though

work 11am-11pm :

where is gruene hall? rings a bell...i just cant think of it.
Yeah, the weather has been touch and go all weekend. It can't seem to make up it's mind... cloudy? Sprinkling? Outright downpour? Hmm. Today was nice for riding (albeit windy and sticky-humid), but it seems like tomorrow is not going to be so nice...
I just watched the weather and if it's crappy it is supposed to be early on. Noon on it should be clear. (but don't quote me)

I don't know how long I could hang down there but I'd be up for the ride. I can imagine there are really nice roads that way and would be cool to synch up with some of the SA crew
PM me if it happens. I'm not sure what time I'm going to make it back to Austin today, but I'm in dire need of a ride. If I make it home early enough, I'm in.
im definatly up for a ride. i'll know my weekly schedule for this week today, so i'll let yall know when we can meet.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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