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This is something I've been meaning to put up for a year, but never got around to it. This was my first modification of any vehicle, so my tools are crude and my method may not be as sound as some, but it worked for me.

Here's my stock, 3 week old, 2002 GSX-R 600.

Nice tail. :shake

Taking the tail off is very simple. Remove the passenger seat/cowel and a couple of bolts under the rider seat. And Voila.

I cut the fender with some tin snips to make it a little more managable.

In the end, the trunk looks like this

You can see there is no wall to hold any loose stuff in. It's cool though, because the undertail will fill the gap and close it all in.

With the tail off and the trunk chopped it's time to move onto the tail light housing.

Removal is as simple as a few screws. It took me a second to get those two deep inside. I didn't realize they were there.

Time for a look to see what the new Gix will look like.

Right, back to work. How the hell are the stock lights supposed to mount in those sockets?

(i used zip ties - ghetto fabulous)

Finished product.

Overall I'm pretty happy, but I do have some complaints.

The bottom edge of the tail has these little hairline cracks from the manufacturer.

And the tail is very snug against the bottom of the trunk. So snug that it wouldn't let me push the push through button all the way in.

It also pulls the tail down hard enough to pull it away from the cowel.

All in all it's alright, the plastics have conformed a little and aren't pushing against as hard as they were, but this caused the majority of my headaches. Fit and finish for this product has a long way to go, but overall, I think it's one of the nicest looking undertails available without going to the shark skinz R6 type solo tail.
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