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Hey guys,

I got a quesion for all you experts out there. I was looking for some light bulbs for my 02 CBR 600 F4i. I know you can buy the higher watt ones, but I heard that they end up burning out the harness and the area around there. So, someone suggested the PiAA H7s. Can anyone tell me whether or not they can fit my bike and any kind of reviews that you heard about them.

thanks for your help,

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Get yourself $30 instead of the $80+ for the PIAA's, go down to your local PepBoys and buy a pair of either APC or one of the other custom rice burner parts brand. It should be in the same isle as the neons and crap. They're the Xenon bulbs, easily recognizable by the blue bulbs. I run 100/110w H4's in my Daytona and Tiller and 90/100w 9007's in my car. I've had them in all Summer and they work great, extra heat but not enough to melt anything. Just be careful, leave your bike at idle and these bulbs WILL drain your battery! Did it to me! :rolleyes:
I've been running the 100w Xenon bulbs that Tricktape sells in my F4i for a couple weeks now. Now problems with them. No melting. The only thing they say you should be careful of is sitting at a light with the high beams on. The fan and the hibeam will drain the battery quick.

Also-- when installing them, be sure to use dielectric grease! This will protect against shorts.
h7 are the bulbs size,

just dont get the hi-watt ones from hiper industries, melted the wiring harness on my crv and on my wifey's jetta...

ask darkeyce which ones he had, they melted his wiring harness as well...

personally i'll stick to the lo watt ones, you still get better looks and performance over stock...
I had the 100 watt Eaglites from Showparts.

Cooked up the harness good, but I'm a moron and put them back in...So far they seem to be working well...(maybe cuasue it's cold outside?:confused
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