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Happy 2004

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I hope that this post finds everyone home, safe and secure. The New Year is upon us, and I hope everyone had a great celebration. I hope that everyone got home safe and sound, and without incident.

There were 4 LEO's flying down Mt. Holly-Huntersville Rd. as I left Kim's...must have been a bad wreck down the road.

Best toast I heard tonight, was 'In 2004, the CwC will be no more'! That being said, here is hoping for a great, and safe year, during our escapades! :thumb

Thank you to Greg and Chris, who took me to lunch today, to get me out of the house, and to Andy for the inventory.

A Special Thank You To Sig, from Ms. Heidi. She thanks you very much, for your kindness. Come by sometime and meet her, as she heals.
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Hope you all enjoyed your night of partying... You wanna know how sad my night was... I am still a little sick so I dared to drink some champangne at 8:00 and was asleep by 9:00 :rolleyes . Although I did wake up at 1 minute after midnight to the sound of my mother-in-law leaving a message on my answering machine and hearing fireworks go off outside, so there, I didn't REALLY miss anything :shake .
And now on such a nice day when I can't go riding... GRRRRR:mad
Boomer said:
'In 2004, the CwC will be no more'!
I'll second that. I'm just grateful that the mishapes we had in 2003 weren't worse.

Looking forward to an even better 2004!
happy freakin new year! :D
Yeah happy new year from germany:nanana
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