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Happy Birthday skr00zloose

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I didn't forget :nanana
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happy birthday fucker. i am home but not long enough to call you up steve. besides i don't have your number. give it to me man.
Happy B-day Steve! I know it is late, but I just got back to VA myself. Hope it was a decent one, that's gotta suck having your b-day so close to X-mas...mine is in July, so I get presents every 6 months whether I need them or not!
MY B-DAY SUCKED.........i won't get inbto the details........but's sucked

i can't wait until june so i can get out of this hell hole and back into my old hell hole, where at least i know everyone................this is gonna be a long six months. hell, i'd be back now, but i have to wait until june for a place to stay......ggggrrrrrrr...........

i am not a happy camper.........
oh yeah, almost forgot, what with all my bitching about being here....

thanks......for remembering my b-day :)
skr00zloose said:
but i have to wait until june for a place to stay
You know there are MANY places you can stay at Steve. You have many friends here.
skr00zloose said:
oh yeah, almost forgot, what with all my bitching about being here....

thanks......for remembering my b-day :)
you're welcome :p
I know I'm all late, but happy late birfday!!!:D I got an excuse, I was outta town. Hope you get outta Ohio soon!!
ok, my time here in ohio has been nothing short of a nightmare, i moved here with idealistic visions of grandeur, hoping to change a bunch of things. all in all though, things have just gotten progressively worse. being here has caused me to realize that the little bit that i had in va was alot more than i realized, because of the way things are panning out in ohio, i will be coming back to va on the 26th or 27th of stay.
unfortunately, Justin at SCC isn't in the position to give me my old job back, (no buisness)so.....

i have to ask a favor of you all......
if you could keep your eyes and ears open for any decent job openings, and/or people that may have a room to rent until the end of june (thats's when i'll be getting a place w/ philly), i would greatly appreciate it. i won't have much money by the time i get back there, so, when i do, if any of you need, or know someone that needs, any work done to their vehicles (2 or 4 wheeled) i will be open to doing maintenance/modifications for a very cheap price. i'm just gonna need some income to get by until i get settled back in down there.

i knew i'd be back, i just didn't think it would be this fast, or for the reasons that it is....

thanks to all you guys (and gals)
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My place is always open to ya if you need bro. Cheap! as for jobs, I don't know of any off hand at the moment. Work's real slow where I am at and we can't afford to bring in anyone else at this time :( However Home Depot is always hiring, and thier staff makes goodmoney. Cashiers I think ar at like 10 bucks/hour. Technical assistance people (the peeps that show you to the right electrical boxes, screws, tools, toilets etc) I think ar like 12-14/hour (and they don;t know shit!)

Good luck to ya buddy, and glad to hear you'll be returning, sorry about the poor circumstances though..
thanks homie, i may take you up on that offer, hell you get a home......hehehe...

but yeah, i think i might look for something thats not motorcycle related as far as the job hunt goes. it's always been my hobby, but doing it for a living kinda sucked the fun out of it. the last thing i want to do when i get off work, when working at a bike shop, is go work on more bikes, let alone my own (which explains a few things). soo......

the job search continues.....

and John, pm me whith whatever details you care to give me about a room for rent, and i wanted to see how the p.d. thing was going for you too (if at all)

man, i can't wait to be back amungst my "family"........
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