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Happy Happy...

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Happy Friggin' New Year...

Need I say more....ok, HAPPY NEW YEAR , y'all
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Happy Freakin New Year CR!!!!
What did '03 hold for me?

New bike, Bike Week, VIR, Psychofest, lots of rain, most serious relationship ever, new baby on the way, new family, marriage proposal (she said yes btw!), more rain, fewer riding days, upset with Kawasaki's recall handling, big pay raises!, job promotion, 1st fight in 15 years or so, new friends, old friends, good times, good rides, and prolly asleep before the new year!

All in all, it's been a good year! :clap
03 has officially been a shitty year........04 iisn't so hot's day one and i've already been shit on.....but5 at least i get to come home to my friends......
skr00zloose said:'s day one and i've already been shit on.....
Already? How's that?
03 Got on the track for the first 9 times, deals gap a few times, played with a big bike for a while, got a motard:p , got a great part time job, made a lot of new friends, wrecked too many times, all in all a good year.

04 good start so far, getting back on a smaller bike, getting orders back to a ship but not sure which one yet, has promise still., oh yeah, and a good payraise.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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