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never been, but it's usually held about..30-45 minutes from my house. Atleast the major the Oak Ridge farm.

Jeeps come in from EVERYWHERE....from tricked out CJ5 to brand new Cherokee's. THey have courses set up on the farm, and they do some outings to some of the local off road spots. Don't know how advanced the rock crawling, mudding is, etc. but there are some nice routes/trails to ride if you look hard enough. You also have very scenic pavement rides to get from trail to trail.

It grows more and more every year....they had 4 wheeler demo's etc. there last year. I'm guessing it will be back in Oak Ridge this year...if so, bring your bike...lots of great roads around here for that too.


PS- get reservations early...most hotels book up in C-ville and Lynchburg.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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