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heading home for new years

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Gonna be a interesting ride, I don't know if I've done a ride longer than this before. I've rode to Miami from Orlando, stayed for an hr and rode back before but I don't think thats as bad as this is gonna be.
Here's my route:
Let's see if I can do it in less than 5 ;)
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380 miles is easy. I have more 500 mile days under my belt than I can count.

The last time I took off on the Busa for a day ride, I ended up with 470 miles by the time I finally made it back home later that day.

It'll be a piece of cake. I love getting out of town and riding. You'll like it ! Well, maybe not. You're kinda weird. :nanana :D
the busa is a couch, im taking the sixxer, I'm only worried about the po po, I can't afford to get pulled over
welp checked the weather all the way down and its clear as can be, gonna be a good ride. maybe starting off bad with a sore muscle in my upper back, hope it doesnt get ugly
in a car?? should be no prob...

on the bike.. good luck... i foresee a 9 hour day..

even on my 2000 6r.. the seat gets bothersome if i'm not used to riding it for long... you kind of have to build yourself up to riding long stretches on the bike..... and bring a patch kist just incase. you neverknow when you might catch a flat tire, mine has saved me 2 x along withmy CO2 inflator for a quick fix.
Be careful, watch your speed, and have a good ride. You'll do fine. You might be stiff, but that'll pass.

Have a fun ride. I wish I could get some big miles today or tomorrow.
*Most* of my 500 mile days were on the TLR, including the Iron Butt I knocked out in May. It's seating position isn't what I would call a couch. :redflip

Since you've never done a ride that long before, I'll make a couple of suggestions.

When you stop for gas, knock down some water and a granola bar. It will keep you fresh.

After you gas up, take a few minutes to stretch your legs, your arms, roll your neck around a little. Should help keep some of the cramps at bay.

Good luck and have fun ! Hitting the highway is a blast. It's relaxing and therapeutic for me ! It gives me time to think and clear my head. I'm ready to do it again.

Edit: If it takes you 9 hours to ride 380 miles, you're riding too slow. I can do all of the above on a 500 mile trip and make my destination in 7 hours or a little less, and that's not busting the hell out of the speed limit either.
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Have a great ride Jet, weather is great down here in Florida! :D
what do you think about a camel bak?
I just remembered I got one :D
Never used it before so this might be a good time to give it a try eh
:thumb on the Camelbak. I have the 100 oz. version that I used when I rode to Florida. I kept it in the top of my tankbag and had it unzipped at the corner just far enough to remove the attached hose when I needed a drink.
I bought a camelback a couple of weeks ago. I think it would be a great idea. It'll be nice to have a drink without having to pull over and take everything off just to hydrate
Wow Trace! You can reach the throttle over a camelbak and a tank bag! :eek You've been working out havn't you :redflip
I'm going hard core, full leathers backpack stuffed with shit and the camel bak either under the backback or on it, we'll see which is more comfy
Jet said:
Wow Trace! You can reach the throttle over a camelbak and a tank bag! :eek You've been working out havn't you :redflip
Why you little......... :redflip

Get your ass on the road and quit jackin' your jaw here buddy ! You'll never get there at this rate ! We told you what to do, but we can't do it for you. GO RIDE ! :D
You gotta Busa but your gonna ride a 6? Isn't the busa a sport tourer? Isn't that why it's so ...well...huge? :confused
I don't know of any SS 6 that's very comfortable, well not for 500 miles.
no no i dont have a busa, trace does. anyways just got finished with work now im off, ill keep yall updated ;)
enjoy the ride... be safe and have a good new year
Hope you dont run into any monsoons! ;) :laughing
Be safe, Jet.!
made it in 6 hrs, i stopped almost every 75 miles to fill up, better safe than sorry. I passed the same van 4 times heh, seen 3 cops and two wrecks, one was a caravan thing that was just torn all up, there wasn't a solid piece left of it, the other was a truck that was on fire on the side of the road with the FD putting it out.
Time to P A R T Y :redflip
JEWELZ007 said:
Glad you made it home safe!!! :D:D
+1 Good time on that trip! Now enjoy this great Florida weather and rub it in to all the crazy Northerners on here! :D
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