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height limitations?

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Hey all,

New to the forum and I have a quick question for you all. First of all, I wanna say that no, I'm not some newb looking for a superfast bike to go kill myself on. I rode dirtbikes and a couple street bikes for 3 years in college, and right now I ride a H-D Fatboy.

I am only about 5'5"-5'6" in height and I noticed that there are quite a few sportbikes that seem to be too tall for me. i.e. (I wasn't going to buy it, but...) I sat on a new aprilia Mille bike and I was barely on my tip toes. and the Honda XX was about the same. the CBR600f4i wasn't too bad.

I was taking a look at Ducati's and sat on (i think) a 929? 998? something like that, but that seemed a little high without moving the rear down. and I sat on a 749 that was comfy for me.

My question is this : What bikes should I be looking at height wise? I was told some don't have an adjustable ride height and I should stay away from those. Maybe I'm just nutz though, and I could be totally wrong. I figure this would be a good place to ask.

Thanks in advance, and I'm ready for all of you about to yell at me for looking at duc's and 600s and up
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No yelling... The attempts are made to direct inexperienced riders to machines that they can handle instead of what's popular...

As far as what you're saying about ride height, I think most bikes can be lowered in some way shape or form... I know the F4i is lowerable, and there are a lot of shorter women who have their rides lowered for them...

I say get what you feel comfortable on, and ride safely.

no lectures on handling a motorcycle here as I'm clueless... :)
Im not positive but most Honda's have low seats and also Kawasakis.

Also, any bike can be lowered by raising the forks in the triple tree.
The Yamahas and Suzukis have the higher seats among the 600 class. Ive ridden both R6 and GSXR600 stock & adjusted heights. The Honda CBRf4i is lower. If youre 5'5-5'6, you shouldnt have a problem, really. But its your inseam that matters, not your height. Ive seen people about my height (5'5) who ride R6's but are blessed with long legs. Im not, so I had to lower mine. Ive seen others who are 5'7 but tippy-toe. So again, its the inseam. But some vertically challenged people adjust pretty well, no matter what bike. They just ride it like a dirt bike - scoot butt over to one side at full stop so one foot is flat on the ground and the other isnt. I dunno, personal preference. I dont feel like I have complete control like that.
im 5'6" i owned a Suzuki Katana, yamaha R6 and a Kawi ZX7R
and some various fridns liter bikes. np once you are used to a bike. i started on a cruiser i think that helped.
Well I've ridden an XX and I'm only 5'9" and even though I couldn't completely stand flat-footed, it wasn't too bad. My bike is actually quite high for it's style too. I can just barely stand flat-footed. I've never had it lowered either.

I know a few women who have F4i's and they had theirs lowered due to their height. It just depends on how comfy you feel when riding. If you don't mind the tipy-toeness then just be careful on whichever bike you get.

Good luck :D
i am 5'7. i can and have ridden just about every sportbike under the sun.
AznSportbiker is so right.

Some people are born with long legs, while some are not. Unfortunately most sportbikes have a saddle height of around 32 to 33". Fortunately I am tall enough in body & leg length that most sportbikes fit me.
One needs to look at the WIDTH of the saddle for while it might be just 31" saddle height it might be quite broad to most bikes & you are back to the same game of leg length needed.
Re: Hardly hater...

...Everyone else-- Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I guess I'll just have to go sit on a bunch more bikes. And maybe I'll be able to find a place that'll let me give some a test ride. I currently leaning most towards the duc 749, but we'll see :)

Thanks again
Re: Re: Re: Hardly hater...

Jason said:
some people just clash with the (Perceived) personality of the harley rider.
I love all kinds of bikes.
Go out and ride what you want and ignore the stupidity out of some people.
Crusier bashing is usually all in good fun but some people are just stupid about it.
Hear Hear, if you are on two wheels your a brother
Re: Hardly hater...

some time i also wonder how much more comfortable a harley will be - (u can just lean back) especailly when my back is so sore from riding.

and as for bike height, i think how you learn, i was tought to have only the left foot on the ground when stopped. I am only 5'5" and i have to really tip toe for every make sportbike out there. but as long as i can almost flat foot on the left side I am ok.
Consider this a warning eddienasty:flame This site caters to ALL types of bikes, not just sportbikes.:shake So consider your replies responsible for all that come here rider wise. Your attitude will NOT be tolerated, check it at the door from now on.:bigfreak
Re: Fuck you

eddynasty said:
and every other hraley lovin piece of shit. Ban me? Like I give a fuck jerk off! Your lose asshole!
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