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Here is a link to Bill's original thread.

I will paste it here for you.
here's the details. Christopher is a little 12 year
old boy that lives ar the end of my road. he was born
with a hole in his heart and underwent 4 major
surgeries when he was just weeks old. during one of
the surgeries he had a disabling stroke . he can walk
but he can't run. he can't talk but he can sign
language. his right arm is only 10% as his right leg.
he loves nascar racing. he has 3 younger brothers that
love him dearly and help him all they can. christphers
parents are in their late 20's . his father works 2
jobs and his mother is a teacher's aid at the local
school . they are active in their church youth groups
and his father is working to become a minister.
christopher now had a rare blood disorder. they
removed his spleen last year but they just can't find
out what is wrong. his white blood cell count is so
low and his immune system so impared he can no longer
go to school . needless to say all this has wrecked
havoc on the families finances. I can't watch this
young father carrying his son in his arms or the care
the rest of the family shows for him without a tear
coming into my eye. I just found out this morning that
they had to let their car go back when the lease was
up. they are using a loaner from her parents. I want
and need to do something for them. I want the wera
family to help me. I could just make a donation but i
can take that same money and buy materials for a new
custom suit . I did this for the airfence fund . help
me do this for christopher and his family . every
single penny of your 5 dollar donation will go to this
family. I think enough of you know me to know this is
true. I would think just send in your donation along
with your name and address and phone number which will
go into a general drawing and darethea can pick the
recipient of the new suit right after the first of the
year and then the details can be worked out then. it
just feels like the right thing to do . I would really
like to have a least a 1000 people donate and get into
the pool. input is appreciated . I plan to do
something even if this is a no go. tell me what you
think. emails and phone calls are appreciated. I AM
BARNACLE BILL my email is [email protected] my phone
number is 859 336 7375 moderator if you have a heart
you will stick this thread up at the top of the list.
thak you all for your time. as always the best to all.
barnacle bill and darethea

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I'm in, sending a check :) Thanks for posting this :thumb

Crazy Woman Rider
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I'm in!!!!

This whole thing is awesome. :clap

Before this thread gets too long, here's a picture of Chris and his Dad that was posted in the WERA thread.


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ed, receieved that pic from BB

over $6000 in paypal already, not counting the checks. then there are the gifts for chris and all the other kids........:thumb
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