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Help and Generousity requested..

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Ladies & Gentelemen

I have taken on a Pro Bono case, in an effort to assist a family here in my area. The Father, left last november(2002) and disapeared. A local team lost track of him in early June'03, and the family quickly ran out of money to pay the investigator team. I took on the case in late November this year (free of charge).

This Christmas was a little bleak for the Mother and her two children. I facilitated about a months worth of groceries for December, and talked the owner of her rental into giving me an additional month to locate the fathers assets(I will be doing tenant backgrounds for free for a year). I located the father last week, with the help of a Kentucky PI who did a free surveillence).

Heres the deal, its looking bleak for her and the kids, and Im tapped out. I cant really put out any "local" requests (privacy requirments for clients, etc). She will start to recieve DSHS help on February 01. Meanwhile, her phone,power and grocery is a big issue.

Im asking this group for a handout, becuase most here are credible, understanding persons with families, and have enough history with me to know I would only ask for a family truly in need. She is starting a job at a local restaraunt this week, and I have arranged free babysitting for her through the end of January/beggining of February.

If anyone can help, please make donations at [email protected], for "Margaret and Kids"

Anything you can do is appreciated. Forgive me if I have been so brasin as to ask....but I cant help myself. This lady has stood by her children...and my admiration is hers. The "man" has managed to loose ALL his assets and is living off other women, so he will not be counted on to make his back support..hes an official LOSER.

Anyone who donates will of course be given reciprocal assistance from me anytime you need something.
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Another idea!

A member here has facilitated getting me a Gift Card for a large grocer chain. A great idea...its much appreciated. If that suites a meathodology you might be interested in, let me know, I will get you an addy to send it to.

(thanks for that by the way..."anonymous"...haha)
Hey that's a good idea! Do you know if she has a pc and online access? A prepaid account with or would be easy to do as well.
paypal account???
Whats your address Tact? I have a safeway gift card I can mail you.

Also, out of curiosity, what do you do? You mentioned something about "tenant screening." I happen to be an Account Manager in the same industry. Is that something you do? Self-employeed or work for a company?
Tim, if there's any type of "gift" or "grocery" card going around, lemme know, you've got $25 more. :) :thumb

- Matt
you might try the Grandstands.. never hurt to ask.. ;)
Yes, Method, Grocery funds are good, but She couldnt utilize the online aspect yet...

The intitial donattion waas a Fred MEyer gift card, which was dontated by My Masonic group.

She about had a cow when I showed up with Christmas presents for her kids (and her)...I told her they were anonymous donations

I just went and purchased some parts for her ford explorer that she needed foe a tune up, and my neighbor is going to tune it up.

My PayPal addy is [email protected]

If you want to send a Gift Card, PM me for my address. Im going to spend the next week puting some things together for get her through this month.

Si 2 Si, Im a PI, and doing Background checks is one of the many things I do....Im saving him about TWICE his rent....but it only costs me about 1/2 her rent to do everyone makes out...
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wassup Tac, hope all is well with you and the fam. Anyhow, please pm me your mailing address, and I'll get a little something off in the mail. It wont be much, but im sure anything is appreciated, and I would be very happy to help!
You know I'm down Tim. Sent you a PM, and received yours. You should get something from me soon.
Tact please PM me your address and I would be more than happy to get something in the mail!
Got your PM Tim, thanks, and I'll have something in the mail this week.

This group ROCKS!!

I dont know how else to say it...your all Fkng Rock Stars....
Hey, How much do you need? let me know how we can help.....what bout blankets clothes ect.
Tacticalsolutions said:
This group ROCKS!!

I dont know how else to say it...your all Fkng Rock Stars....
Tim, still waiting for your PM..

- Matt
THANKS SO MUCH for everyone who contributed.

Between you and some others, we managed to pay her car payment, most of her power bill, and got her vehicle tuned up and oil changed..... and with the gift cards coming, Im sure enough groceries for a couple more weeks.

Im working on getting her insurance bill paid, but otherwise, she will be self sufficeint by Febuary. I sold a couple guns, and whined a little to some of my Masonic brothers..and all said ad done, I am certain her children believe in Santa Clause!!

I am wonderfully pleased with this crowd....very generous and caring indeed!!

Thanks for helping me with I had a tough year myself, and just could not have helped her without you. I wish we could help everyone, but we managed to make life a lot easier for a young woman and her two children in tough days.

My hat and admiration Cycle Forum friends.


Thanks so much
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your welcome tact... i figured with all the money i made this year it would be wrong if i didnt... :)
How much of it was taxable? :nanana
alot of my money was taxable... i dont have many writeoff's this year:shake :shake my donation would put a tiny nick in my taxes but i didnt donate for tax purposes...
WHAT a group!

An update.

Thanks to the efforts of my friends here, and My Masonic Brothers, we managed to pay most of her bills, get her car tuned up (l.o.f./tune/replaced plug wires & air filter).

Sadly, the Ex is now delivering threats, and she is going to move this week to another location. She will be doing the "low key" thing until the matter is resolved (wink wink) but with the better running explorer, she will be able to commute to work ok.

I want to applaud this groups willingness and generousity. I was quite impressed and astounded with the efforts made here by a small list of contributors who saw room in thier heart to care for someone they do not know. The two children, both under ten, and the Mother will be stable once the move is accomplished. I will of course honor my deal with the landlord to do his tenent screening...but it is rather frustrating....the move really needed to happen for her safety (There is a history of abuse, as well as criminal histroy on the ex).

So, I am in the process of selling a couple items, and will effort to help her with her 1st/last and sec deposit. If there are any other secret Santas out there that wish to help me with that, FEEL FREE...

The difference this group has made for a single mother and two children is LIFE ALTERING. I have watched a woman in dire straights, deressed and broken, become a stronger, more appreciative for life person. The kids, a little unsure of life, are now back to being out of control, happy in the snow, playing with all their new tows from Christmas. (One of the gifts was an ex-box..santa timmy couldnt resist).

THANK YOU, each of you for your help. Amazing, impressive, and an absolute HONOR to be in this circle of freinds.

Much love.

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