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HELP!!! FZR750R searching

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Ok guys and gals. I need your help.
I demolished my 1988 Yamaha FZR750R back in 1990. I sold it to a guy working at a bike shop around the Pittsburgh area in 1991.
I want to find her and get her back!!!
I lost the papers that said who bought the bike from me and the shop cannot remember who worked that long ago.

I have the vin # and PA title #.
I ran a CARFAX report that says she was re-titled around 1992... but the report will not tell me who is on that title.

I need to find the current owner so I can talk them into giving back my baby...

Can someone help me find the "owner" to this vin and title???
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Call your local police dept.They might be able to help.If not a private investigator can do it for you..........
Good info about a guy searching for a car here:
try the local DMV.
Here if you have the S/N of a vehicle, for $10 they will tell you the owners name and address.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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