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CF hater....
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maybe buying a race prepped zx6r so thus all my track goodies must go.... however to finance buying the trackbike i must sell off my track goodies so i need your help in determining what i can expect to receive when i sell them.. ballpark range.

I posted in the classified before but pulled it off as i thought i would need them

1- 1 full set of race glass. Bike is a woodstock racing bike. glass has some scuffing, been lowside once. nice looking no cracks etc professional green paint scheme. manufacturer unsure but fit finish etc looks very sturdy better than hotbodies.
2- penske 2 way rear schock set up for 185-90 lb rider, used for 6 trackdays. very clean.
3-muzzy carbon fiber. nice but shows some age , been on the bike 2 years, has a small scratch on exahust tip and the CF is not so "bright" anymore
4 1 dented red gas tank.( only for track) been lowsided once
5- used scratch windshield
6- set of red rims have soem scratches marks form when tire was put on come with front rotors and rear sprocket /cush drive. rotors i believe are straight
7- 1 set of green rims with full rotors very clean.
8- 1 pair of rear 180 and forn 120 bridgestone rains tires
9- 1 set of carbs muzzy jetted
10 1 set of sharkskinz full set. lowsided once on left side, not repainted as there is just some friction burns, no major cracks, a small edge was broken off , some scuffing on the rear cowl and it has light spiderwebbing from the low side but structurally still very sound, they're shark skinz u know??


comments ideas woudl be appreciated
the bike that houses all this is a 2000 zx6r

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its all kawi stuff whats all that worth 5 bucks maybe:redflip :laughing

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