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Here is my fuzz ball.

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His name is Finney. Short for Finlandia. That was his AKC name. He is a Pom, but this pic was right after his spring hair cut, so his coat is shorter than normal. He is my third son. :D
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great little much does he weigh?
I think he was around 7 lbs at his last vet visit.
He's chihuahua is 10lbs (and no I don't over feed her):p

are poms protective?:laughing
what a manly man dog. :crackup (cute tho! :laughing)
ZXLNT said:
Dats a cute puppy!!
+1 :D
I've had bigger lunches than your puppy. :D :D

Cute little yipper.
Hell you could wash a bike with a Pom. :laughing
Definately a cute lil puppy ya got there...
Jaxons got a Pom also.

I hope you are not sleeping with this one.:redflip
:redflip People laugh about him not being manly, but I tell you,,,,,, that little dog is a chick magnet. :crackup
I personally love cats. I had a cat that lived to be 20 when I was growing up. It was like losing a family member when he died. I would have a cat right now, but my wife is deathly allergic to them. That's why we got the pup instead. I didnt want to pen up a big dog in the house all the time. He is the perfect size, for a house dog. He's getting older now. All he does is sleep. :)
Little dogs= Best thing to attract hot guys and girls :thumb LOL He is a cutie though! :)
1fastchick said:
Little dogs= Best thing to attract hot guys and girls :thumb LOL He is a cutie though! :)
boobs attract guys better.;)
karl_1052 said:
boobs attract guys better.;)
and we like to pet both!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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