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Hey Everyone....

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Well, I finally found this place...looks pretty cool so far...Seems like after the SBN fiasco people are just spread out everyplace now.
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What's up. Todd?! You finally made it!!!:D
Hey Todd! Nice to see you found your way.

Brian :p
:redflip WELCOME:redflip
Hey hey hey... Long time no see..
Welcome :redflip
Yo todd, glad to see ya made it
still arround but made my way to Ft. Laud area now.

Hey Todd! Welcome.

Also hey there Mike! Give a call when you think you may be over this way again.
Welcome, and really nice to actually put a face with a name over the weekend!

Same here bro...good to finally meet ya at Mary's party...thanks again for the BIG sticker!!! VERY COOL!!!
Hey Todd. Whats up?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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