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How do you get your race license?

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Ok ladies, what does one have to do to get their license? I live in Florida if that matters. (don't know if it's different for different states) Any info will be appreciated!;)
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Here is an article that was published in Women Rider (2002) titled "So You Wanna Race." It has some good, basic information.

The article required adobe acrobat to open... it's also a little big at 1.5 mb so be patient.

CLICK HERE for the article
Most racing orgs offer a school on race weekend. Check with the org you plan on racing with, and they probably have one. Each org is different in what they require to pass the school, but they all cover the basics. You'll need to know each color flag, what they mean, and what to do. Each org also goes over starting procedures, what to do when an ambulance is on the track, etc. The racing org will also let you know what you need to do to your bike to pass tech, which is often more rigorous than track day tech.

Also, I always tell riders that are thinking of racing to be sure they're ready to race. Racing is much different than a track day. Get used to riding in close quarters, bikes/people rubbing in the corners, and aggressive passing. If you're riding in the advanced group at track days, and don't get spooked when 10 riders go into the corner with you or when people pass you close, then you're probably ready for your first race. It's all about staying alert and reacting to what's around you. Also, racing is different than track days in how you react to what's going on around you. During track days, you have a lot of time to work on your lines, gearing, and how you take each corner. In a race, it all comes down to instinct and reaction. You're literally flying by the seat of your pants as you make split-second decisions from corner to corner. But that's what makes racing fun.

So if you've been to the track, have been riding well, and feel ready, then go for the license. After that, just enjoy the racing, and be prepared to learn a lot! Also, come back here and post about your experience! :)
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