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My computer is fuxored!

Where can I d/l good free spyware/shareware/or any other programs that are slowing down my computer.

Is there anything I should watch out for before I delete the files? Will the program only delete the problems or it delete some of my files as well?

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Get them and install them on your computer.

Also, try going into your control panel and Add/Remove Programs Icon and remove all of your spyware from there...

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Well actually spyware removal tools dont remove 100% of all the spyware .... Here is the best thing i have come to find that works good ......

- Run spybot search and destroy or adware.
- Go to control panel > add and remove programs
- Remove spyware - the reason you must do this is because the program will just reinstall what spybot search and destroy just removed when you reboot again.
- (Disclaimer) Dont use the following commands if you dont know what your doing. The reason for the following steps is because your stopping the spyware from running as a process which can cause the program to reinstall itself.
- Goto Start > run > and type msconfig
A window will popup ... now go to the tab called startup
- Now you will need to uncheck programs you dont want to startup when the computer boots up. The ones you need to uncheck are the spyware crap. Remember that if you uncheck something that your not suppose to uncheck that it could render your computer useless. The only way i think you can recover is by going into safe mode and checking what you had unchecked.
- After unchecking everything you will need to reboot and then run spybot search and destroy again.
- You might only have 1 piece of spyware now.... and the only one i found that i cant remove is called the "DO Exploit " (i think)

Now the best way to remove really good is by formating. =)

The best way to avoiding spyware is by not installing stupid stuff that has spyware. Like fake popup blockers thats built into the bar of your IE .... not to mention dont use IE (internet Explorer)
use Mozilla ..... i use nothing but Mozilla and i have not even gotten 1 piece of spyware on my machines
The only reason i know so much about removing spyware is because everyone else gets it and i have to remove it for them all the time. I think i am going to have to start charging these people to remove the crap so they will stop installing it.

I take no responsibility if you should mess up your computer and render your computer useless. You are taking the Risk on your own.
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