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I am so bored today!

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Damn, I took the day off from one of two jobs but I am so bored. I have a ton of work to do but I can't seem to get motivated to do any of it!

Maybe it's because I went riding last night (first time in 4 months) and now that's ALL I can think about!


ps. Don't you think this smilie sort of looks like those ghosts in the old skool super mario games for nintendo?:bluecreep
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Crazykell said:
Tell me about Mr. Long-time-no-talk!!!!!

What's up?

Oh and I still haven't done anything yet today!
Kell! Where the hell have you been? Haven't seen you in IRC in a while....
Crazykell said:
I miss the whole gang (sometimes) :redflip
Sounds like you're quite the busy gal.. :)

Well, at least we don't miss you very much.. :D :redflip

Drop in and say hey sometime when ya get a chance...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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