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I Got It!! I got it!!

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I'm the proud owner of a 2002 TL1000R.....the faster blue/white one :redflip

I pick it up on Monday. I can't wait :bouncy :draggin
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Congrats! I think your gonna love your new bike.
Congrats on the new ride..You will love the bike. :toothy
Congrats, Al!

Should have bought the yellow one, though. :D
Congratz...lucky son of a b.....:laughing
Congrats on the new bike.

Too bad we are running out of time until the snow flies in the New England. :(
good stuff Al.

now you got alot of catching up to do.
ride that thing(don't be a caster:p)
Well, you should have bought a honda...

BUT, good to see you on a sportbike again.:D
Nice choice, and good to see you back from the "Harley side" :thumb

And the TL contingent continues to GROW :hail
Congrats on the purchase. Now vote in the poll so we can further extend our lead over the rest of the zooks:D

Congrats, Too bad you bought the heavier bike. The yellow one weighs 10lb less. :redflip
Well the S is even lighter:p

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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