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Does anyone know a literary agent who specializes in fiction, specifically literary fiction or mysteries?

I need help finding an agent, and I'm just stalled on the first step, I'm afraid of getting lost in the shuffle, of not sending my work to the right person, of not being taken seriously. Of finding out you just can't get through to anyone without knowing someone first.

If anyone does know anyone in the right field, but doesn't want to recommend someone sight unseen, I can send you my partial. I'm certainly qualified as a neophyte, but I have talent and the story is a rare mix of interesting and believable. I've led an umm, intriguing life, and that empathic quality lends itself to great fiction.

Anyhow, I am sooo stuck with a book lodged in my computer, and lacking the ability to get over this hump. I need a shove.

Thanks in advance. I know I'm asking a lot. Whoever helps will get a mention in the dedication, and an autographed copy. :D
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