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If you are interested

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I have attached my research paper I am working on it's my rough draft I welcome any comments I know it's a long read. I wanted to do my paper on something that actually meant something to me and wasn't very mainstream.

The Necessity of Motorcycle Safety;

I urge you all to contact your state and federal government representatives. One of the main sources of information I used is nicknamed The HURT report. These studies are outdated. Please urge your reps to fund up to date studies this data impacts public awareness which in turn can help ensure our safety

CF won't let you upload Word docs so it is in plain text form


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Why are you writing a research paper? Oh....and great topic :thumb
Getting my Computer Information Sciences Degree and there are several English requirments
Very good paper! :clap
Paper looks great! Sounds like you have really though it out.
Well written paper... :clap Great topic... Let us know what you get.. :)
I got a 95 which I consider damn good because the instructor really didn't care for my comments about annotated bibliography's she was trying to tell the class that they would need to know how to right them for technical documentation I have been writing technical for 6 years and never wote one ;) She used to make comments on my other papers my exam was a perfect score and she made no comment about it or the paper. I have no clue as to why she took 5 points off must have been the bibliography :redflip
Great paper girl! I'm glad you did so well on it!

Good paper! Congrats on the grade!!! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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