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Ignition question

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Ok I posted this on the old boards, and it may get moved ( thanx Brett:D ) but here goes. My TLS has been sputering and dying out on me, sometimes it will run crappy then will be ok if I start it a short while later. We initially thought it was a clogged fuel line or something with the FI. We ran the diagnostics and no errors came up, the injectors are clean too. The thing is the plugs were black so we knew fuel is getting down there but not firing. My mechanic has been checking out the ignition system but cant find anything so far. I may hav eto go to suzuki with it but I would like to ride some before it gets too cold out. So does anyone have any ideas or insight as to what it may be.

See brett if we get my bike going I will be out riding instead of saying how popular the TL is here:cool:

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Plugs don't get black from getting fuel but no spark. That woudl be impossible.

You're either running way too rich, or you have weak spark and imcomplete combustion, if your plugs are black.

First step is obviously to replace the plugs. Check the spark on each cylinder with the brand-new plugs beefore you put them in. If the spark is good, then run the bike. See what happens. I would check the air filter while I was in there.

If it's not spark, and the air filter is fine, and the ECU isn't throwing any trouble codes, check the fuel pressure with a gauge. That would mean the regulator is suspect.

Your symptom also sounds like it could be a tank vent issue, so you might want to run the bike with the cap not quite closed and see if it affects the problem, but I doubt that is your issue.
Have you done any mods to the Bike ?

If not, check the tank vent. (easy to do 1st). Then go the plug route.

The only thing is Yoshi RS3 slip ons which have been on there for almost the whole time I had the bike ( dec 99 they went on). Otherwise it is stock as far as the motor. I am going to go see they guy today so I will give him this info to see if it helps. If not I will have to go to suzuki and hope my extended warantee will cover the problem:(

I will keep you guys posted.

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