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I'm a Packrat

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I'm in the process of packing to move at the end of January.
My problem is I can't bring myself to throw anything away.

Among many other things, I have an incomplete collection of motorcycle magazines dating back many years and I really don't want them anymore, but I don't want to throw them out either. I have Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Cycle, Cycle Canada, Sport Rider and probably more.

I've thought about removing the articles I'm saving them for and indexing them into binders, but that seems like a very time consuming job.

Someone help me please! Should I keep them, throw them out, give them away, sell them?
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You should send them all to me :) I'll take 'em off your hands.
box them, put them in your attic. I just bought a cycleworld from 1968 from an antique shop. Aside from me paying $11 for a magazine that prob cost 35 cents, it is really freaking cool!

The all new powerful 175cc Suzuki has the power of bikes twice its size! hhaha.
I have boxes upon boxes of Sports Illustrated in storage. I kept every one I got, and it comes weekly so I have hundreds of them. I still don't know what I'll do with them. :shrug
get a bird... :)
ebay has cured me of my packrat ways.
donate 'em (I'll take 'em off your hands...) or ebay 'em.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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