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What is Fire and Iron?
It is a motorcycle club revolving around the fire service. This is taken from Chapter 1's website:
Fire and Iron is a motorcycle club made up of Central Florida Firefighters that love to ride! Each member is either an active or retired, member of Central Florida's Fire Service community. In addition to firefighters, we welcome dispatchers, inspectors, mechanics, whatever. As long as you are associated with the fire service, you are eligible to join!
The Club did start out as a Central Florida based club about 5 years ago. Since that time it has now branched through out Florida and to other States with Mike as the President for the past 4 years. At this time there are 17 seperate stations and under his continued guidance Fire and Iron should continue to grow and become stronger.

If you want to know about starting your own Station (Chapter) contact the President at [email protected]

Want to know the rules of the club check here-RULES

Want to join check out the membership page- Membership

Any other questions just ask.
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