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Insurance on track bikes...

270 Views 5 Replies 6 Participants Last post by  Lunchbox I've decided to stick to the track and turn my plates in on the vespa. I figured I might as well drop the insurance as well seeming how it probably won't cover squat when I wad it on the track...

My question is...what about insurance from a personal liability standpoint? i.e. What if someone decides to sue you for an "incident" on the track...
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we would all find out where he lives and then kick his ass. :mad

Truthfully though, we live in a world of lawsuits, so if you are that concerned about it, talk to a lawyer who specializes in personal liability. I think the risks of that happening are very very low.
While racing is a "no fault" activity their is always the chance someone will test it in court. Liability insurance can be gotten through K&K insurance. You can cover yourself, as well some sponsors require/request it to cover them. You can talk with your favorite insurance agent and ask about a blanket or umbrella liability policy, should cover you against any liability up to the amount you insure yourself for.
congo2 said:
we would all find out where he lives and then kick his ass. :mad
:laughing :crackup
Riders on the track are participating in an arena where its considered an "assumption of risk" ie: theres a likelyhood of wrecks and injury regardless of who causes it so anyone trying to file a claim against you or sue you would have little success (at least in NC where I handle claims). They can always TRY though but success would be limited. Heck even for street riders doing those "typical" (ya know what I mean) group rides and lets say one rider goes down and the ones behind wreck also a good capable adjuster could possibly find enough "assumption of risk" to deny liability in this scenario also. In NC if an involved party is just 1% part of the fault the liability claim can be denied.
I was an injury adjuster in Charlotte for a few years. Fireblader is right on the money. You would be suprised what liability and negligence for you, or against you when used in the right context.
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