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It finally happened

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After owning my 01' F4i for a little over two months I was able to completely destroy it. :( She was flawless before I got my unexperienced hands on her. She use to belong to the sales manager and had lots of money into her-full Akrapovic titanium race exhaust, PC III, full ollins racing shock, vortex rear sets, and under tail just to name a few. She still rides, sort of. I had to bungee the headlight on and wire the seat down and the rear brake assembly is toast. I loved her and just felt like sharing my pain. Sniff-
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what happened to it?

are you going to fix it?
It makes me sad to see bikes like that :(
that hurts. What happened?
sucks, but now you have a good stunt or track bike. think about it that way ;)

what do you plan to do with it?
I think I'm gonna be sick...
if it makes you feel any better, looks like the Akrapovic and the Ohlins made it out alive.. :shrug.. There's a silver lining in every dark cloud! :D
Looks like a looped out wheelie............
Hopefully you weren't hurt too badly...sorry to hear about your bike.
Sorry to hear about your misfortune I hate to see broken bikes, 'specially a black/silver F4i. Let me know if your going to sell off any of the good parts I'm quite interested in your exhaust and shock.
ouch :(
damn dude....what happened? that is crazy :eek :shake
Must be something stupid since he didnt post how it happened.:redflip
I thought Hondas were supposed to be so great..? Doesn't look like they crash very well. :D
This is part of your punishment... tell us all what you did and we'll make fun of you. Ready? GO!
Glad you are ok, you could always go the streetfighter route.
SilverSurfer said:
This is part of your punishment... tell us all what you did and we'll make fun of you. Ready? GO!
+1 :laughing :laughing :laughing :rofl
Well-its actually a pretty messed up story-and completely my fault. I was riding with some friends down I-5 and pulled ahead pretty far. I was going well over 100 when I passed a sheriff with his lights on. I don't know what I was thinking, or not thinking, but I just kept on going. I got off the freeway and turned on this country road where I passed two more cops. I kept on going-very stupid-and very scary. I out ran the three cops behind me and then passed two more pulled off to the side of the road and just kept on going. I really wanted to pull over but I think I was too scared. I found this driveway where I hid behind a car. After a few minutes I got nervous and went out to the road just in time for a cop to come over the hill. I should have just given up but I took off again, hit some gravel, and high sided into a ditch narrowly missing a mail box. I was quickly hand cuffed and 9 cops showed up. Amazingly I only got a wreckless driving ticket and the cops left me to push my bike to my friends house. I went to court got a fine of $300 and walked out cashing in my one free get out of jail card. I later found out that the cop that first started chasing me was even chasing me at all but going to a car jacking call. That was why all those cops where there in the first place. Looking back I don't know what the hell I was thinking and consider myself lucky for not breaking my neck.
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If that ain't troll-juice you are spraying, I feel bad for ya. Everyone f's up. Just glad you are still here to learn from it.
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