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It's a ******* Christmas

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Mrs. Jig got this for me. You know you're all jealous. You just don't want to admit it.


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woohoo! Now what are they called again? A banjo?
I can hear the music from the movie "Deliverance" in my head already! :crackup
Nice. Derek, do you play the banjo? If you do, you should go audition for "HeeHaw". :redflip
Is it your birthday or something? :confused

What's with the giant sock on the wall?
I haven't learned to play it yet, but I play a little guitar (very little), so I should be able to learn at least some basic stuff. You can get banjos that are strung the same as guitars (EADGBE), but I got a standard banjo instead and the stringing is quite different. All the chord shapes are totally different, but I'll work it out.
My Dad plays the fiddle, and Im the designated "Barritone" in the family...we are listening to Bluegrass as I type this....

Black Eyed Peas and Hammmmmmhovks every new years for this family.
Can we make this the offical 'this is what i got for x-mas' thread?!

Ok... good.

My parents kick ass...

Picked up a 8.5 gallon 250 psi air compressor w/ a bunch o' attatchments along with a impact wrench (230 ft/lbs capacity) and air Ratchet (snatcher)!

Also got a dremel tool w/ a big ol' pack of bits for it :D

now you all can come over to work on your bikes at my place :D
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My dad plays the banjo and it really is an incredible instrument and very difficult. Way to get a true banjo and not the six string... thats the cheap way to learn how to play ;).

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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