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Lately there has been discussions on Music and jobs on here So now looked like a good time to pose this question.
I want your opinions.
Can a Christian leave a sort of dead end job that pays fair and is no pressure to take a job in secular radio advertising sales? The paycheck from sales being the main motivator.
The broadcast company owns 5 stations most are hip hop and country.
I personally don't listen to hardly any secular music and don't like the message it sends. Should this effect a decision?

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Personally, I would not let a paycheck motivate me. I would consider how healthy the job was for me spiritually, physically and emotionally first.
If I dont like what I'm doing, I doubt it would bring glory to the Lord, no matter what it is. :shrug

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Marvin-n-NC said:I personally don't listen to hardly any secular music and don't like the message it sends. Should this effect a decision?
To me, that says it all. If you have the opportunity, and that opportunity will still provide, I'd be all over it.

I remember a flight once - there was a rather attractive passenger sitting near me with whom a guy struck up a conversation. Turns out she worked in advertising for a tobacco company. The flirting turned into rather heated ridicule - How could someone work for a corporation that profited from death, etc, etc, etc... Turned out to be longest three hour flight I was ever on… :) Something to think about.

Good luck and God bless.

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Marvin-n-NC said:
The paycheck from sales being the main motivator.

I personally don't listen to hardly any secular music and don't like the message it sends. Should this effect a decision?
1. Should we promote things we do not believe in?

2. At what amount of money should we sell out our faith?

3. Would a million bucks a year make it ok to promote abortion? as long as we did not have one?

Marvin, at what price do you want to sell out God?

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Thanks so much for your input!
I have been seeking opinions on this matter from those I value their views and have received a wide range of responses.
I was seeking opinions from a snap shot of the situation, let me provide a few more details.
I am a accounts manager for a engineering firm. My main job is to work through details of of invoices with clients in order to get the bills paid. I am a mediator between the client and the firm, contractors, surveyors,architects,engineers,draftsmen and our billing department. I use every means possible to clear accounts up including lawsuits and liens on property.
However I do a decent job and have no pressure placed on me from the firm. Fairly easy job and pays decent.
I try to take every possible route to resolve issues with out legal action and can do so 95% of the time.
The opportunity for advertising sales came up a week or so ago.
Before my present job I spent many years in sales, public relations, and promotions.
Sales does bring in the pressure factor but I have handled it ok in the past.
Sales puts you in contact with lots of people. You talk to many people everyday. These clients become close as you will work with them on a weekly and monthly basis and build relationships (a chance to witness).These clients also don't care what music your stations are playing they just want to know your listeners and how to sell their product to them.
I know a lot of Christians listen to secular music as it is discussed here and also my Christian friends listen to it. However I choose not too. I also know Christians who buy advertising in secular radio, TV, newsprint,etc.......
My wife sells TV advertising.
Just thought I would share a few more details on the job not trying to change opinions just trying to get more input from Christians.
I am praying on this.
I feel I can do the job.
I have been leaning to wards taking it.
I do somewhat enjoy sales and feel I would enjoy it more than my present job, however, The initial reason for entertaining this job offer was the $$$$. But after spending time considering it I see a good opportunity.
My main reservation has been I don't like much secular music.
I also can see where any secular market would have some hold backs.
Suppose I was selling Clothes, houses, cars, motorcycles, furniture, food or time shares at the beach. They are all at type of God replacement to the world. They are worldly possessions that people lust over and the sales person is capitalizing on it just as the manufacturers are.
I am led to not be of the world but if we are not in the world who are we to witness too.
Just pondering here and seeking your opinions!
Thanks so much as I truly value your input!

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Marvin, I went from advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show and trying to get his clients as customers "The GP use to stand for Gold Plating". To talking on a bunch of web sites with punk motorcyclists who are for the most part half my age, we share no common ground as a rule than our love for motorcycles, :D "I hope I am properly conveying my sarcasm"

In reality a lot depends on whether you feel you will be effected more by your change in environment than you will have an oppotunity to change the environment that you would be entering. I think this forum is a great example of a bunch of Christians in the wrong environment, tested by world and a chance to share your faith and walk is what it is all about. From what I know of you I don't think you would crumble because of some adversity or challenges to your faith. I think just the opposite, it will bring you an opportunity to share you faith and maybe make a difference in someone else's life, there is no over abundance of men with good character or ethics or faith in the world.. Good luck with any choice you make..Bob

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You seem to hold a dividing line
between Christian & secular work.

I think you will find that unless you are working
for a church or a para-church organization,
that your work will be classified as secular
along with probably 90% of all work on the planet.

Check out that book and see what I mean.
It discusses at length the doctrine of vocation.

Best wishes, my friend, and remember:

The God-Given Task

What profit has the worker
from that in which he labors?

I have seen the God-given task
with which the sons of men are to be occupied.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Also He has put eternity in their hearts,
except that no one can find out the work
that God does from beginning to end.

I know that nothing is better
for them than to rejoice,
and to do good in their lives,

and also that every man
should eat and drink
and enjoy the good of all his labor-
-it is the gift of God.

Ecclesiastes 3:9-13
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