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Just received yet another bogus email from "[email protected]" warning me, yet again, that my account was going to expire in 5 days if I didn't open the attachment and provide all the needed info (including all the info that could allow someone to wipe out your bank account or credit card account).

You would think by now people would have caught on to this, but yet there's still people who click on the attachment and provide the info crooks need to take all your money from you and ruin your credit.

If you receive one of these three things:

1.) Forward the email onto "[email protected]"

2.) DON'T open the contains a virus which searches for email addresses on your hard drive and then emails the bogus paypal email to all of them

3.) Go to your email preferences and block the email address "[email protected]"

Remember, PayPal will NEVER send you an email asking you to open an attachment or for your personal information...and any "official" email from them will address you by your name or business name. Also, PayPal is a "secure" site, so you should always see the "https" when on an official PayPal page.

Just passing this info along because I don't want to see any fellow CF members get their bank accounts emptied or their credit ruined by this crap.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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