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I have a '87 Cagiva Elefant 650. Anybody have similar type bikes. BMW GS or KTM Adventure Honda TransAlp Triumph Tiger.
Its fun to ride a big heavy bike where most people with their little 250s think they shouldn't go.

This way if there are enough of us I can use you guys to figure what types of tires and stuff to get and here funny stories about getting stuck in the mud.

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You want a funny story about getting stuck in the mud on a big bike?

Summer of '89.

I had an '88 YZ 125 at the time. I asked my best riding buddy if he would like to take a trip up my cabin again & get some riding in. He had been riding a '76 YZ 250 up until this point, but went out and bought a brand new bike for the trip. He wouldn't tell me what kind he bought, though. He had always told me my 125 was too small & I didn't think there was any way he would buy anything bigger than a 250, so that's what I assumed it was.

The day of the trip came & he showed up at my house at 6 AM packed for the trip w/ his brand new YZ 490 in the back of his truck. Keep in mind he only weighed about 140 lbs back then & we were both 17 years old. I thought for sure he was going to kill himself on that beast. We loaded up my bike & gear and set off on our little trip.

Fast forward a couple of days . . . we were all set up at the cabin & had some nice riding in already. That 490 was just a beast. Sometimes it took both of us just to start that damned thing.

Anyway - out to a huge sand pit & lake area the locals called "man made", cuz it was around a man made lake. There was some nice jumps and tons of soft, deep sand to play in. Running right through one of the flat areas is this huge mud hole that I made it through one time in my Jeep, but I've never seen any other vehicle make it through. My buddy comes riding up to me & says he made it through. I said "bull shit". He then proceeds to run back and forth through this muddy mess, but I was riding around on my own pretending not to notice (I did see him make it more than once, though).

Finally I stopped beside the hole & waited for him. When he pulled up, I said "all right, show me this beast going through that mud hole, cuz I don't believe it". He started that bad boy up, turned around, got all lined up, gunned it, made it right to the middle of the hole . . . and it stopped :laughing

Water up to the seat. He got off the bike & it just stood there in the mud like it was on a crate. We finally had to wrap a chain around the front wheel & pull it out sideways with the truck because neither one of us could pull it out by hand.

Needless to say, that was the end of our riding. After we got back home, I helped him pull the engine. When I turned it upside down, mud & muck started pouring out of it :laughing I got it running again, though.

He still has that bike & it runs great to this very day.
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