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Learned something interesting...

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FOr those of you that missed it, I've been in PA for almost a week now, and I've been riding a Honda Magna a few times now.

Something I learned that was interesting was about how this bike steered. Theres alot of discussion about "body steering" and "counter steering" to go through turns. Well, Pennsylvania has it's fair share of turns, and I found myself doing a combination of these things. On the cruiser the body steering aspect of this is much more noticable, and I am guessing because of the location of the pegs, and the amount of rake.

Anyway, I can't wait to get home and see how this translates to riding on my RC. I'm sure this will turn into a silly debate about body steering and counter steering, and all the Keith Code fanatics will rear their mugs- but I thought I'd share.
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where are you in PA?
PA and NY have some great roads for that... on my brother-in-law's honda shadow, I feel something similar as opposed to my SV. I here where you're coming from :thumb
You have a point for when riding an upright riding position bike & in town then you steer the bike more by the seat of your arse which means MORE body lean & less counter steering compared to a sportbike.

Of interest I lived in Banff Nat. Park in Alberta '53 to '63 & as when I first arrived I noted 75% of the kids had these terrible Vespa, Lambretta, NSU Prima & such scooters with a number of moped & just one kid with a Jawa 250. Said scooters had the worst steering in the world. Let go of the handlebars at any speed & they flop over immediatel to one side or another.

I was promoting the idea of REAL m/cs from the UK. Had an ex-factory "works" Fanny-B 200cc Enduro & told them I could ride it from top of the Hot Springs down to the road at the hospital without touching the bars ----- this is a steep twisty.

So well over 50% of them there as I took off with a push & engine killed, soon I was standing up on the footrests for the first bend & leaning the bike into the tight turns to the bottom. Bike had a 1/2 moon Smith speedo & was at the 65MPH limit of the instrument in last 50% of the run. Only Bill Archer was able to stay close with his 250 Jawa & in the last few twists he to had to slow down as he was on both sides of the road. A lot of body lean & tapping the r/brake pedal.

From that point on the kids bought Brit irons & narry a scooter or moped was purchased from that point on.
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