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It was quite simple.....

I removed the headlight assembly, unscrewed the adjustment screws for each headlight. This was to move the lights out of their housing without completely taking them out. Then I drilled a hole slightly larger than the led bulb. I purchased a set of 3 at Autozone for $10. I only used one LED for each light. After The LED was in place I applied some black silicone around the area of the hole to make sure no moisture whould be in the housing. I wired the leds up to a switch that is located in the rear trunk area. I can turn the LED's on by reaching in the rear upper faring. Since I can't reach the switch while riding, there will be no chance of it turning on while I am on the road. The rear LEDs are 2 - 9" long tubes that have 12 LEDs each. Those are wired up to the same switch. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process. I knew that I should have. Total cost for the whole thing........$34

Hope this helps.....

IM me or send over another post if you have any other questions.

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