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Let's ride!!!!!!!!

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How bout we get together on new years day and ride a bit when it's warm. Let's meet up somehwere and ride a bit, grab a bite, do some hookers, I mean uhhhh.... well, you know what I mean. How bout it. Anyone?????
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Here we go again, we say we do something and nothing ever happens. Either way Im game let me know.:D

Saturday I will be on my bike. It's gonna be in the upper 60's!!!
Barn Yard, tell Eng to call me. Or give me his number. I don't have my phone today.
I'm game
Saturday iz the day

I'll be out for sure, Just put my bike back together

I'm ready to hit some corners through the city
Ehhhhhh.......... Time and place??? It looks kind a cloudy out. I can meet up late in the day. Like 4 or 5ish.
I'm riding on Sunday. Rode Saturday night and it felt great out!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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