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Lets seem them...

Let's see the Yami's on the new site... With the list of aftermarket stuff...

R1 for the next few months. :)

Full Akrapovic exhaust
Ivan's jetkit
ZG XL screen
Complete Racetech'd forks
Ohlins rear shock
EBC HH pads, front
Goodridge SS lines, front
Scott's damper
Dussault undertail with diamond LED's
cracked tail and spanked rear tire. :laughing


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02 R6

Stock for now with the exception of the fender ellimator kit.

Soon as the cash flow comes in,
Micron high mount.


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Here is my Fzr400 track bike before she got a paint job. Its blue now.

- R1 upper and lower w/ a TZ250 tail
- full yosh pipe w/ needles reclipped
- Ohlins rear shock
- all street parts removed

This is probably one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden.


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Benny said:
It looks like a 1970 Yamaha AT-1...a very good learner bike...
but it is in FACT, an '02 YZF-R1 in a very clever disguise...
ya get it now?
ok, cool.
lets move on.


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Here's my 600R. So far I've only gotten around to adding frame sliders, Graphic Arts Undertail, RiderStation Gear indicator. Have some LP flushmounts to put on the front and some PIAA XTremeWhite bulbs on the way.

I need to get a new pic of the bike with the undertail, just the Seattle weather isn't cooperating.

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my 02 R1.. fender elim and short stalks out back, Xenon bulbs up front. soon to have Devil high mount and flushmounts up front:D

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bender said:
Here's my R1.... It has a full Akrapovic race exhaust, Scotts steering damper, Frame sliders, and some meguiars polish to help it cut the air.

Hey, I hear that stuff (meguiars) adds 5hp :redflip
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