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Hello everyone...I am looking for new car insurance again because Prudential is trying to screw me with outrageous rates on a damn sedan..I blew the transmission in my car (98 Golf) and have been looking at 03 Maxima's and my agent at Prudential quoted me $4600, which is a $3k increase over my present insurance...Absolutely ridiculous!!

Anywho, I am looking for a new company, so I have come here to see if you can refer me to any company you deal with and are satisfied, though I know in NJ that is hard to come by..

I am currently looking into
1. Allstate
2. First Trenton Indemnity

I have the list of Insurers off the NJDOBI site, but I wanted to ask people here first before I go calling and filling out all this stupid paperwork just to get a quote..

Thanks for any and all help..

Happy New year!
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